Monday, December 28, 2009

David Slade doesn't know when Eclipse teaser will be out

David Slade, the director of Eclipse, said today via Twitter that he doesnt know when the Eclipse trailer will be released.

My guess however, is in the next two weeks. Why do I think such a thing? Ill tell ya! Okay, so as we all know, New Moon was released November 20 2009 in the US. The first official teaser was released May 29, 2009...why do I remember this date?? It was my daughter's first birthday, thats how :) So that being said... Eclipse comes out June 30 2010 and today is December 28 2009, and the trailer for New Moon was released 5 months and 21 days before the movie release, so I am calculating that it should be in the [[VERY]] near future.

And of course, we will have the updates :D

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