Wednesday, December 2, 2009

10 must have holiday Twilight Gifts; Part ONE & TWO

A list compromised exclusively for the readers of CullenLove Twilight News. These are the top 10 must have Twilight presents for the Twilighter on your Christmas shopping list :) PART ONE!

1. Bella's Charm Bracelet; $70; made by Runs with Vampires. As seen in 'Eclipse'.

2. Jacob Jewelery Box; $16.99; made by Toys R Us From New Moon.

3. 'Twilight' Scene it; $25.59; made by Toys R Us; from Twilight.

4. New Moon Music Box; $34.00; Sold by Hot Topic; from New Moon.

5. Wolf Girl Candle; $15.00; sold by Hot Topic From New Moon.

6. Team Edward PJ's; $39.99; Sold at Hot Topic; from New Moon

7. Wolf Pack Friendship Necklace; $20; Sold at Torrid; from New Moon

8. Volturi immortal Liquid Body Shimmer; $19.00; Sold at Torrid

9. Wolf Pack Hoodie; $40.00; Sold at Cafe Press ; from New Moon

10. Forks T-Shirt; $28.00; Sold at Cafe Press; From the entire series

Well, now that you have an idea of what to give that die-hard Twi-hard, now it's time to head to the store or purchase online! Happy Holiday everyone.