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Sorry, everythings a mess. I am reorganzing and changing the layout. Bear with me! It'll be great, I promise :)

Some of my graphics

I used to make just Twilight graphics before starting the blog, feel free to use them if you'd like :) Just click the picture to see the full size image.

25 Little Known Facts about Nikki Reed

Simply click the image to read, I know its small, I apologize.

Rob Pattinson's Confessions; Crashing a Porshe & Stealing things from the set

BAHAHAHA, Poor Rob got caught trying to steal his Cullen wrist band.

'Eclipse' battle scenes coming together

David A. Slade, director of “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” was working the Sunday after Thanksgiving, as he had already said he would.

He provided, via Twitter, a fascinating early glimpse into the editing process of what is certainly one of the most eagerly awaited films of the summer. He writes:

"Working Sunday, battle sequences coming together, first half of film feeling very emotional, still early days."

And there is no doubt a lot of film to be edited before some of the other post-production work can be done. Slade is keeping his promise to keep franchise fans up to date on the progress of the third film in the extremely lucrative “Twilight” series. Although “New Moon” was bested by the true story football saga “Blind Side” on Thanksgiving day, it did end up taking the weekend overall.

There seems to be little doubt that fans want more, although director Slade, who also directed the hard core horror movies “Hard Candy” and “30 Days of Night,” is well aware that “New Moon” is going to be a hard act to follow at the box office.

Thank you

My Absence & Apologies

Sorry everyone, I'm slacking. Its been a pretty busy week with Thanksgiving and dealing with a little sicky child :( My daughter has infections in both ears and bacterial bronchitis and has been very Mommy addicted, so I do apologize. But as a little recap of my week...

New Moon...AGAIN!
Yes, I totally saw New Moon again! My husband and I took my 3 younger siblings to see it Thanksgiving night. My brother Brandyn (who is 12) has read the entire series and actually is responsible for my Twilight OBCESSION! He told me I had to see the movie at least ONCE, and of course I did, and fell in love, haha. Anyways, Brandyn said it was the 2nd best movie he's ever seen (the new Transformers being his ultimate favorite) and he liked the CGI Wolves & the Volturi action scenes. My sister Kaitlyn (who is 10) and I sat next to eachother because we share a love of Edward / Rob Pattinson and she throughly enjoyed the movie. The boys thought we were crying when Edward leaves Bella (I was close, I had already cried the first time seeing it at that part) and kept gawking at us, quite annoying. Anyways, Kaitlyn said it was "The best movie" she's ever seen :) I thought she'd like it!!!! She's TwiCessed as well. Now, my brother Dilyn (who is 8) hated it. He said it was the worst movie ever. Why you ask? Because Dilyn hasnt read ANY of the books, so he didnt understand a DAMN thing that was happening. And he's just not in to Twilight, which is fine. My husband sat next to him and Andrew said he figeted the whole time. Whatever, his loss, lol.

People Feeding my Twi-Obsession
Last night I get a picture mail from my sister (we call eachother sisters, we are in no way related) Kait, and I thought...huh, thats peculiar, I never get picture mail from her! Wanna see what the picture mail was? I was grinning from ear to ear :)

See? Didnt I tell ya? BAHAHAHAHA. I love my Twilight Obcession, I must say! I love when people see stuff like this and say to themselves "Crystal would LOVE this!" It makes my day :D

Facebook; Where everyone knows of my obsession...
Oh yes, even on Facebook, everyone knows of my Twilight Addiction :D Care to see some screenies of what is said? It makes me laugh. (please note, last names are blanked out for privacy of myself and my friends :D )

Those are just a few! Many of my friends say I am obsessed with R Patz and such, I love it :D My husband...does not.

Toys R Us New Moon Stuff!!
Omg, this is funny. So yesterday my husband and I decided to take our daughter to Toys R Us to see what she might want for Christmas. I just happened to over hear some one say "Twilight" and my head whipped around, two girls were in front of the New Moon section talking about it. My husband says "Oh god." And like a little kid I went right over to look at everything... and I've added something to my Christmas list :) I think my books will fit in it...

Isn't this so adorable? I freaking love it. I have a blanket just like it :)

And so, that was basically my week :) Now on to report about Twilight NEWS! :D

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ryan Seacrest interviews Stephenie Meyer

Talks about New Moon, changing the world, and the possibility of Breaking Dawn.

Monday, November 23, 2009 Twilight SHOULD have ended...

My New Moon Review


Okay, now that I gave you a fair warning, this is my review of New Moon...What I loved, what I liked, what made me cry, what made me laugh and how well I think Chris Weitz did.

We got at the theater at roughly 9:00 pm EST on Friday, November 20, 2009 to find no parking, not a problem, theres an outlet mall next to the theater so we just walked from there. It was MADNESS at the theater! SO MANY people were lined up, most for the 9:45 showing, we had tickets to the 10:17 showing. Well, it turns out that at 9:10 WE were allowed in our auditorium! And hour and 7 minutes early with TONS of people in line...oh it was awesome. Kait & I abandoned my husband for few minutes to get popcorn & drinks, (Kait is my best friend, and we call each other sisters).

We fought the fellow twi hards in the lines to get our snackies & drinks. Yikes, there were so many people there. But we did get through (amazingly) and went back to our auditorium.

I'll skip the previews and such (except for Remember Me...I cannot wait to see it!!!!) and get right to the movie. The theater got really quiet as the title came across the screen and the moon got smaller.

First, we hear Bella talking and get a glimpse of Volterra and her run to save Edward, a great prelude if you ask me. The lighting is amazing in that scene.

The dream sequence is great(SOOOOO glad they included it!!) but my husband has no idea whats going on, he never read New Moon. I really think they captivate just what Bella is thinking in that scene, that she will be getting older & older as Edward remains his youthful 17.

Next, Charlie comes in to wish Bella a Happy Birthday as she wakes up and hands her the camera & scrap book from Charlie & Renee. Bella's bedroom has changed a bit, and I like it even more. Who ever is the prop director, you're awesome! Seriously!

Next, Bella heads off to school, and waits for Edward. As he arrives, she has to catch her breath as he gets of his volvo (which is now a cross over & is black). Jake arrives too, to give her a gift, a dream catcher. As Bella hugs him, Jake is looking over Bella's shoulder with a smug grin on his face at Edward. Sort of like a "Ha Ha, I'm hugging your girl" sort of look.

Skipping ahead a bit... the party scene at the Cullen's was beautifully set up, thank you again Prop Master! It was absolutely gorgeous and I can totally see Alice setting something like this up! Emmett says to Edward "You're dating an older woman... hot!" and Edward gives him a look like "Shut UP!". Too funny. They go through the gift giving (Rosalie being a bitch as always, lol. "Its a necklace. Alice picked it out.", Emmett says he's installed the sound system in her truck, etc.) and finally they get to Esme & Carlisle present, plane tickets to Jacksonville (which they never SAY is the present, but Esme says "You have been looking a little pale lately") and as she is opening them, Bella gets a paper cut. Edward's first reaction is to look at Jasper, and Jasper turns into a totally new side of Jasper. And actually, you can see his eye color change very quickly to black. He evades everyones grasp at first and Edward throws Jasper & Bella in opposite directions. Finally he is detained by Carlisle & Emmett and poor Alice feels so bad about it all and has to leave to help with Jasper. Edward leaves too, and Bella is taken to Carlisle's office to remove the shards of glass.

I like how Bella & Carlisle's conversation go, and I am so pleased that they included the painting of Carlisle with the Volturi, very cool & to the book...just BEHIND a book.. lol, whatever. It is sort of frightning when Aro snaps that guys neck and his body crumbles like marble...which I guess is a symbol, because of you think about it, Bella has always claimed that Edward was like Marble. Thank you Chris Weitz!!!

Next we see the kiss that everyone has been talking about, and the Edward moan that sent every girl in that theater crazy!!! It was very passionate if I do say so myself, and pained on Edward's side. You could feel his pain, Rob Pattinson is an amazing actor.

Edward isnt in school the next day, and Bella can't figure out why. When she gets home, Edward says they need to take a walk, and this is the breakup scene. Let me just say, Kristen Stewart is extremely talented. Bella's pain was tangible, you could feel it! My own heart was breaking! (of course, I cried in this point of the book) And I was crying, as was almost every girl in the theater. It was extremely sad. I think it was saddest when she was running in the forest screaming "Edward!" trying to find him again. She stumbles and falls, and just curls up and sobbs. We see a large black wolf looking at her, and then we see Sam running shirtless with Bella in his arms.

Bella is then passed off to a very very worried Daddy Swan and asks Sam if shes alright. Billy Burke is the best Charlie, let me just say! You could feel just how worried he was, it was a very emotional scene.

We then see the months pass as the world passes Bella by with her hardly noticing. She is just so so so depressed, and I love how they set this time passing up, with the seasons changing while shes looking out her window, it was a cool way to do it. You can see the pain in Bella's eyes, I cried at this point too. Poor Bella.

Charlie confronts her one morning and tells her he & Renee are very worried about her and that maybe she should go live in Jacksonville for a new start. Bella says "I want to live in Forks." and Charlie replies "He isn't coming back..." She then says that she will be going to go with Jessica that night because she hasnt seen any of her friends and Charlie has picked up on it.

In Port Angeles, Jessica is talking about the movie and about zombies & what they are supposed to represent & mean (lol, too funny). Bella then realizes that when she sees a group of bikers that are beckoning her, that she can see Edward and hear him warning her to stop. And to see & hear him again, she goes with the biker. Jessica was NOT happy.

I like that Jessica's character has transformed a little & that we see a little more of her, thats good! And I like her zombie analysis, lol.

Bella brings the bikes to Jake's house and she is just so happy to see him. The movie progresses with them spending time with one another and building a bond. He continues to fix the bike while Bella stands by his side. Soon, the bikes are finished, and they hop in Bella's truck to head to ride them. But before they reach their destination, Bella sees Sam & his "discipiles" cliff diving, and Bella thinks they are trying to kill themselves, but Jake explains. Bella notices Embry now hanging around with Sam...and asks about him. Soon, they head to ride the bikes, and again, Bella hears & sees Edward. She ends up loosing control of her bike...

and this is when we see Jake take his shirt off to help with Bella's bleeding, and she says "You're sorta beautiful...". Very cool scene all in all, Taylor Lautner is just such a talented young actor.

Eventually, Bella asks Mike Newton if he'd like to go to the movie theater with her and see some god awful horror film. Jake goes along too (as you know if you've read New Moon). And WOW is Jake super protective of Bella!! (Oh, by the way, Mike Newton's hair is MUCH darker in New Moon, not sure why...)

Mike says he going to be sick and ends up being in the bathroom. Jake calls him a "marshmallow" and Jake & Bella start talking about their relationship...Jake wants to hold her hand and Bella explains that it means something different to both of them... meaning she just sees them as best friends. They continue talking, and finally Mike resurfaces from the bathroom. Jake SNAPS at him, full of rage and says he doesnt feel well himself.

Weeks go by, we see Bella wanting to talk to Jake, calling again and again. Billy tells her Jake has come down with Mononucleosis. She finally cannot take it anymore and shows up at the Black's home. Its raining and Jake is outside, with no shirt on. His hair is gone, and she asks him what is going on, why she never hears from him or anything. He is very very very rude & pushy and she can't figure out why. The wold pack are seen at the edge of the tree line, waiting.

One night, Bella hears rocks being thrown at her window, and looks to see what is going on. Jake stands there, and tells her that he will be right up. He asks her if she has ever had a secret that she couldnt tell anyone, and of course she has! He says that the worst part is that she already knows, and he brings up the story he told her in La Push and she only recalls the Cullens being "The Cold Ones" and Jake says "Of course you only remember that part..."

Yikes, I've just realized I've told about 1/4 of the movie right here! I'll skip to my favorites & why they're my favorites.

Break Up Scene
Yes, I actually like this scene, but NOT because they break up... I like it because of the emotion in this scene, Kristen Stewart did PHENOMENAL, she made me feel Bella's pain, and I don't find that with most movies. And the forest is beautiful, great scenery. And I like the scenes that follow it, the emails to Alice, the depression, the screaming in her sleep with Charlie running in... it was so emotional, all I did was cry.

Wolf Scenes
I like ALL of the wolf scenes, the CGI is amazing, absolutely amazing. I love Paul/Jake scuffle & how they break Billy's boat, very cool. I particularly like the bad vamp & wolf scenes, how they are trying to kill Laurent & Victoria.

The Jasper Scene
Call me crazy, but I did enjoy this scene. The effects used are so amazing, and I found it VERY cool that they had Jasper's eye color change to black, that he was thirsty. It was very weird to see him like that, but I liked it a lot.

Alice is back scene
I really liked when Alice came back and was like "Can you explain to me HOW you're alive?" I liked the dialogue between she & Bella and then between Alice & Jake, a lot of her lines made me snicker. It killed me to see Edward crush the phone, I felt like screaming "NO EDWARD! SHES NOT DEAD!!!!!" but obviously... its just a movie, lol.

Jake, Edward & Bella...end scene
I cried during this last scene too...when Bella tells you "You know its going to be him...", it killed me. And then Jake in wolf form has a tear in his eye and runs off... heart breaking. And of course, when Edward tells Bella that she must marry him before he will change her... more tears! I am tearing up writing this!

All in all.... the best movie I've ever seen, no joke... and 100% better than Twilight. Thank you so much Chris Weitz, you are amazing.

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Wolf Pack looking for tattoo designs

I love Chaske Spencer, he does NOT look 34!! Anyways, he is asking for tattoo designs he and the other wolf pack boys could get, check it out!

Tattoo Design?

Early New Moon reviews from Twitter.

So, what does Twitter think about New Moon? Mashable has compiled a chart that shows just what the fans think. Enjoy :)

New Moon beats Harry Potter & Dark Knight in Midnight ticket sales!

Wow, this is awesome, New Moon is kicking some ass!! Everyone who has seen it says its AMAZING, including Jimmy Fallon who had Kristen on the show on Wednesday night. I cannot wait to see it. Anyways, here is the article about New Moon breaking midnight ticket sales.

Just a few moments ago, it was speculation on the table about what numbers would be announced for The Twilight Saga: New Moon's midnight ticket sales.

Now, it seems, it's official - The Twilight Saga: New Moon has surpassed The Dark Knight and Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince to take the win for highest midnight release ticket sales ever.

Previous estimates put New Moon as bringing in around $22.2 to $26 million. Even that set of touted figures was surpassed, it seems.

This release comes from Gossip Cop, who says that the information came directly from film studio Summit Entertainment.

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON has set a new record for opening midnight shows with an estimated gross of $26.270 million playing at 3,514 theaters for a per theater average of $7,476. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON passes HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE ($22.2 million) to take the number one spot.* Following POTTER is DARK KNIGHT ($18.5 million).

In addition to THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON, last night Summit re-issued TWILIGHT in theaters. The film grossed $1.3 million playing at 2,057 theaters for a per theater average of $631. The re-issue of Twilight came in just outside the top 15 for the week this is notable especially considering that all came from just 9 PM Thursday night shows.

* Records based on data from industry leader Paul Dergarabedian of

Now for opening weekend figures . . . Think New Moon will top those records as well?

HAHAHA, New Moon will shatter EVERY record. Woot Woot Woot!

Article from Examiner

Alex Meraz's Photo Diary from the Premiere!

Alex Meraz has posted a Photo Diary of him from the premiere.. getting the limo...with fans... etc!

Alex Meraz's photo diary

Robert is Bothered: Doesnt like sequels, new moon & werewolves

Well everyone, Jimmy Fallon has done it again, and I think this episode of Robert is Bothered is the funniest one yet. Absolutely hysterical. Its not often that I laugh out loud, but I really did. Hope you enjoy it!

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Tinsel Korey responded to me :)

I'm pretty hackin' excited, Tinsel Korey replied to me! It was only one word...but it still counts! Haha.

New Moon video I made

I rather like it, I hope you guys do too!!

Burger King's New Moon Coupons

Burger King is selling the 6 pack of Burger Shots with New Moon Pictures & Coupons! On the back of these pictures are coupons for Torrid, Hot Topic, Borders, Cafe Press & More! I plan on hanging the pictures on my wall and buying another burger shot pack for the coupons!

Kristen Stewart on the Today Show

Dear god, poor Kristen, she's running herself into the ground :( Some one let that girl SLEEP! Anyways, she was on the Today Show this morning and here is the video, enjoy :)

Tired Kristen on the Today Show

Rob Pattinson on Today; Volturi Scene

Robert Pattinson (*swoon*) was on the Today Show this morning, talking about the craziness, relationships, New Moon, etc. He looks absolutely EXHAUSTED! Awww, some one go tuck Rob into bed, he needs some sleep!

Rob Pattinson on Today Show

Rapid Fire interview with Kristen Stewart

I love Kristen, she's quirky

Chris Weitz on directing romantic scenes

Chris Weitz is pretty cool, and from what I've heard, he did AMAZING work with New Moon, like GENIUS work! I cannot even wait until 10:15 pm tomorrow night, I am SOOOO excited!! :D

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TONS of pics from E!'s live on the Red Carpet

Holy cow, I got a ton of useable pics from E!'s live from the red carpet!

Kellan Lutz doing crazy pushups!

Awww I love Kellan, he's amazing.

'New Moon' Party Scene from Regis & Kelly!

The Party Scene! I taped it this morning with my camera...sorry you can hear my toddler in the back ground, haha :) I'll try & find a better quality later.

Rob Pattinson Vanity Fair Outakes...

I'll post this one pic & be back later to post more.

*sigh* & *swoon*

Article About Kristen Stewart

I agree with this a lot, Kristen has handled her fame & the craziness surrounding it rather well, I am deffinetely a Kristen Stewart fan...even if I poke fun of her :)

A Great Kristen Stewart Article