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How to throw a New Moon party!

The highly anticipated release of New Moon (due in US theaters November 20th!) is bringing about New Moon movie premiere parties! One of which, is my own which we have also decided it will be both mine & my husband's birthday party! :) We are officially calling it "The Clark's New Moon premiere party & Birthday Bash". I have decided to write up this blog to give others ideas on how they can throw their very own New Moon Party!

The central idea of this upcoming film is Edward vs. Jacob and which won will win Bella's heart. So that being said, it is essentially Vampire vs. Werewolf. I will provide ideas for both factions.

Food Ideas: Vampire
--Red Velvet Cake (cupcakes, cake balls covered in chocolate, etc)
--Popcorn with "blood" (red food coloring & butter)
--Red Candies
--Apples (because of the Twilight cover)
--Red chocolate fondue & poundcake
--Vampire Cupcakes (red velvet cupcakes, white frosting, drips of red food coloring)

Food Ideas: Werewolf

--Meats (for sandwiches, or alone. Jake's a werewolf & they need their protein!)
--Brown & Tan candies
--Paw Print Chocolates (meltable chocolate wafers & paw print mold @ Iparty)
--Paw Print cupcakes (chocolate cupcake w/ white frosting and brown pawprint made out of a frosting)

ALSO---with both factions, you can have other foods like quesadillas, nachos with salsa & cheese & more. The list is endless! :)

Drink Ideas: Vampire
--Vampire Punch (a bottle of sprite, bottle of fruit punch & some sherbert)
--Vampire Lemonade (lemonade with red food coloring)

Drink Ideas: Werewolf
--Wolfade (gatorade or powerade of your flavor of choice)
--Hot Chocolate (Jake is so warm after becoming a werewolf, have a hot beverage on hand)

And as with the food--- you can do soda, juice, water, etc.

Decoration Ideas: Vampire
--Red Delicious Apples
--Vases with red & clear accents
--Burgundy & Black streamers
--Red Candles (lots!)
--White Candles (lots!)
--White Lights (like Christmas lights)
--Edward Quotes
--Edward Poster

(I made this Edward quote and a few more using ScrapBlog

Decoration Ideas: Werewolf
--Tattered jeans (whenever he transforms he rips his jeans)
--Tan Candles
--White Candles
--Brown streamers
--White Streamers
--Jacob Quotes
--Jacob Poster

Activity Ideas:
--New Moon quote Trivia
--Bon Fire
--T-shirt designing contest

Favor Ideas:
--Vampire Kisses (red lip gloss)
--Werewolf Kisses (tan lip gloss)
--Edward's Memory Box (I painted ours black & put glitter on them. In New Moon it says that the human memory is no more than a sieve", so to remember your most special memories in Edward's memory box)
--Bella's Destress Bath Salts (Bellas always stressed! These are so simple to make!)
--Jake's dream catchers (also easy to make!)

BONUS! Wanna have a t-shirt contest but need designs? You can use these...

Fork's adds a twilight themed restaurant!

Thank you to Team Twilight for the heads up! Fork's is adding a Twilight themed resturant! How exciting is that? This is quoted from Team Twilight's Site:

“Recently, however, the news has come that a Twilight-themed restaurant will make its debut in Forks, creating yet another reason for fans to visit the modest town.”

Wanna see what else Forks, WA has to offer? Check out Their Chamber of Commerce Site!

We know what Riley looks like now!

Wooot Wooooot! We know what Riley from Eclipse looks like now, thanks so much to David Slade for posting a Twit Pic! He actually looks like what I expected him to look like, which is pretty cool.

Don't know who Riley is? Go start reading ECLIPSE!

Twilight to be back on the Big Screen!


"Responding to the fans of THE TWILIGHT SAGA, Summit Entertainment announced today that it will re-release TWILIGHT, the first film in the franchise, at select theatres nationwide on November 19th, a day before the highly anticipated release of the movie’s sequel, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON. Despite the first film already being on DVD, fans across the nation have been calling out to see the film once again on the big screen and the studio is honoring their request.

Summit is working with exhibitors to screen TWILIGHT one night only with screenings in the evening just before THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON arrives in theatres. Select theatres will offer tickets at a reduced price."

OOOOO!! Thats pretty exciting! Although, I have it on DVD so I can just watch it at home, but hey, you can catch a double feature! :) And have what happened in Twilight Fresh in your mind :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sensual Kissing Scene: Edward & Bella

WOW... a little sensual! But I like it, I love the connection between Edward & Bella.

Torrid has Volturi makeup line

I went to go enter into Torrid's ultimate fan experience and saw that they have launched a new line of Volturi makeup! Check it out, its pretty neat actually.

Volturi Makeup Line from Torrid

Nikki Reed Loves Chocolate

MTV caught up with some of the Twilight Saga cast to talk about their favorite candy & their not so favorite candy.

I agree with Nikki, not a big fan of hard candy, but lovvvve chocolate!

David Slade officially wraps Eclipse this morning!

That is RIGHT ladies & gentlemen, Eclipse has officially wrapped its filming as of 4:30 am this morning! WOOT WOOT! Thank you to David Slade for updating his Twitter.

Now I can't wait for some publicity pictures to come out!! I'm also very pumped that Eclipse comes out in June and not next November!!! <3

New Moon to be top movie of 2009?

There is an article in the Examiner this morning about how it is quite possible that New Moon will be this year's top film. And no wonder, The Twilight Saga has an enormous fan base, all over the world. Here is what the article said:

"When the concept of The Twilight Saga: New Moon becoming the number one film of 2009 was introduced here, there were a number of commentators who laughed (or the internet equivalent thereof) at the idea.

Yet, the fact remains that the Twilight series films are a source of perpetual domination in the realm of accomplishment right now - by anyone's standards, really.

Take VOD, for instance. Video on Demand is a service that many cable providers offer their subscribers where videos are eligible for automatic in-home playing with a moderate purchase price. Though Twilight was released to DVD back in March of this year, many cable services still house that film in their current on demand programming list thanks to the continuing interest of their users. According to Video Business, Twilight "was the top VOD rental for the first six months of the year, and the studio said earlier this month that it had done more than 14 million transactions on all rental formats." The film, according to that source, was "re-released on VOD in October to capitalize on the upcoming release of sequel New Moon in theaters, [and] has since overtaken Gran Torino to reclaim its title" as the number one VOD-rented film of 2009.

On demand rentals aren't the only category of in-home viewing numbers that Twilight toppled. According to Variety, the film "is still considered the overall No. 1 title of 2009, with more than 8 million DVD/Blu-ray discs sold since March 21, according to the studio. 'Twilight' moved 5.2 million DVD/Blu-ray copies in the U.S. in its first week of release." You remember that weekend, don't you? It was when the jaws of critics and nay-sayers dropped around the world . . . for the second time. The DVD, too, has been re-released in modified format (a single-disc version); perhaps, this will ensure its continued position in that category as well.

The list isn't even limited to the film itself. There was a lot of heat coming off of the fact that Michael Buble's album stayed at number one for a while shortly after The Twilight Saga: New Moon's soundtrack released. As HitFix pointed out, though, that didn't last long. The Twilight Saga: New Moon's official soundtrack is currently atop the billboard charts, and the official Twilight twitter issued thanks to Twilight fans for making it happen.

[NEW MOON Soundtrack from @AtlanticRecords and @chopshopmusic is #1 this week! Thanks to all the twihards out there for your support!]

So, circling back to the original thesis offered - now a bit more relevant with the impending release of the film (less than a month!) - could The Twilight Saga: New Moon be the number one film of 2009? Well, a look at the numbers might be a good start.

For starters, the film currently weighing in as the highest total gross heavy-hitter film for 2009 is Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, with a very impressive $402 million. Transformers was both released in theaters and to DVD/Blu-ray this year. When released to DVD/Blu-ray, as the above-referenced Variety article pointed out, it brought in sales of over 7.5 million copies. Still, it couldn't break Twilight's stance as the number one DVD/Blu-ray sales film for the year (yet, at least). Following is Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince whose midnight release sales were in the mega-millions and whose total gross is a little over $300 million.

So, basically, if The Twilight Saga: New Moon's one and a half months of availability in 2009 can bring in roughly 100 million viewers, it could certainly see victory on this chart as well; but will it?"

What do you think? Will New Moon dominate this year? I think yes, yes it will :)


Rob Pattinson hints at "Breaking Dawn"

Rob caught up with a New Zealand paper recently, talking about his current projects. In the snippet I am about to post, Rob says that their is a conflict of characters in his project...mainly that of Edward Cullen in Breaking Dawn and George Duroy in Bel Ami in which is has to gain weight and look like he's been drinking far too much for far too long. Here's the snippet:

"I had three days off between Remember Me and Eclipse and then I've had to start learning Comanche and bareback riding for Unbound Captives. I don't only want to do the same part. I'm doing Bel Ami, based on the Guy de Maupassant novel in January as well, and I don't really know how I'm going to fit that in. I have to gain weight – but I don't think they'll let me put on much as I have to shoot the final Twilight movie afterwards. I have to look older, as the character Georges Duroy has been living hard for a good six years just getting drunk all the time. So I want to look a bit haggard." that confirmation of a 4th installment? Or 5th installment? We already know that their are rumors of Breaking Dawn being split into two films... what is your take on this?

Full New Zealand Article
Examiner Article

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jackson catches up with MTV

MTV caught up with Jackson Rathbone who plays Jasper, recently! Eclipse filming is wrapping up & New Moon debuts in 22 days! Here is a snippet of the Interview:

"MTV: Out of the new characters joining the franchise for "New Moon," which is your favorite?

Jackson Rathbone: My favorite character in "New Moon" that wasn't in "Twilight"? I guess my favorite character in "New Moon" is a collective — the Volturi. It's one of those things that's really nice to see, these decadent older vampires that run this vampire society, if you will. I think they're an amazing group of actors that we were able to get for the film, and they are very scary and intimidating. They're all perfect — I mean, Dakota Fanning is a terrifying Jane; absolutely terrifying.

MTV: You guys have all spent so much time together over the last few years. When the cameras stop rolling on set, what do you guys talk about?

Rathbone: Between takes? We just kinda talk about regular things, you know. We're all normal people — we're not vampires in real life. Between takes, we're talking about music we like or what we plan to do once the filming is done. I always bring my guitar with me and my harmonica, and Nikki Reed, Rob and Kristen and a lot of the cast are very musically inclined. So, a lot of times we'll just be jamming between takes, to blow off some of the emotional intensity and have a little fun.

MTV: As the "Saga" moves along, do you feel more or less like your character?

Rathbone: More or less like Jasper? You know, I honestly think, it's more of a Jasper I imagined coming into the first "Twilight." Mainly because I'm able to show my backstory in "Eclipse," where people get to see what really drives Jasper in "Twilight," which you don't really understand. This character, he's always in pain, and [people ask], "Why?" and, "What is his reasoning?" He's had a really dark past, and it follows him around. So, it was really nice to be able to get into those moments, so that explains and informs the way I've been performing through "Twilight" and "New Moon."

New Moon Soundtrack #1!

Thats right everyone, the New Moon soundtrack is now #1 on the Billboard and has only been out a short time! Way to go Twilighters! My personal favorite is "Meet Me On the Equinox" by Death Cab for Cutie, very Bella & Edward I would say! Here is the whole article from MTV

Stills from the Scream Awards

I took the liberty (and probably shouldnt have) of taking some pictures on my cell phone of the scream awards (when I watched it on TV this morning since I had taped it). Lost of Taylor! Also, New Moon was nominated for Most Anticipated Fantasty Film and Lost (seriously?!?!?!), Cam Giganget was nominated for Best Villain and lost (darnit), Taylor Lautner was nominated for best Male Breakout Performance and WON!! Twilight was nominated as Best Fantasy Film and won!! Twilight was also nominated for the Ultimate Scream Award and Lost (boooo!) So anyways, here are some pics :)

Elizabeth Reaser says she's nothing like Esme

What Drives Edward? Volvo is running a contest!

Volvo is holding a contest which could give Twilighters a chance to go to the Los Angeles premiere of New Moon and meet the cast and our beloved Edward (Robert Pattinson).

In three days, you can visit Volvo's New Moon site and enter to win! The premiere in LA is November 16th.

Thank you to for the update :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A quick video look into Wolf Pack

I just watched this short video about the wolf pack, how they digitally created the wolves & the characters feelings on the new movie. Chaske, Alex, Kristen, Taylor & director Chris Weitz are quickly interviewed.

Please visit Rob Pattinson Life to watch it!!

**please note that I'm uploading mobile from my iPod touch and cannot for some reason post the actual embeded code**


Vitamin Water has an exclusive New Moon wallpaper!

Yeppppp that's right folks! Head to to get an Exclusive New Moon wallpaper!

Vanity Fair interview with Papa Cullen

Here is a snippet of the interview from Vanity Fair with Peter Fachinelli!

From Vanity Fair's Interview with Peter Fachinelli:

As the patriarch of the Cullen clan, have you assumed a similar fatherly role with the cast?

You know, on Twilight I feel like they looked to me as the father figure, but because we became so close, I’m more of an older brother now.

Has there been a difference in the way you interact as a cast since you filmed Twilight?

Rob[ert Pattinson] has more security guards hanging around him! [Laughs] Other than that, not really. We really enjoy each other’s company, and we’ve been working so much on this movie that we really haven’t had as much time to hang out with each other. We’re putting in these long hours and then just heading home. Usually we just try to catch dinner with each other then get back up the next morning and do it all over again.

What would you say is the one major thing that has changed about your life since starting the franchise?

I’m traveling a lot more than I used to and interacting with a lot more people. The fan base on this, I don’t know how else to explain it … it’s a cultural phenomenon. People will actually hop on a plane to see you. Sometimes I do these charity events, and people fly in to come and see me. I’m just really, really impressed with [the fan] dedication to these books and to the movies. I’ve always had a fan base with the work I’ve done, but never as rabid as this.

You seem pretty dedicated to them, too, judging by your Twitter page.

You know, I love connecting with the fans because I’m a fan of the books myself. They’re all so dedicated and wonderful to me that I love to be able to give back. So if stopping for a picture or signing a book of theirs puts a smile on their face, then that makes me happy, too. I kind of go out of my way to make sure—if there are fans hanging around the set—to try to stop and say hello to them before I get in the van. It takes five minutes to make people happy. I love interacting with them.

You’ve been working steadily since your early twenties—the same age that some of the Twilight cast members are now. Have you been able to offer any advice to any of them, especially at a time when they’ve suddenly been thrust into the spotlight?

I’ve had some conversations with some of the cast about careers because I’ve been working for fifteen years. They’re just starting out with their careers, and for a lot of them this is their first big break. I think they look to me and ask, How do you sustain that? It’s still a mystery to me, too! I feel very lucky. For me it’s about longevity and not about just one movie. It’s got to be a scary time for them because this movie is giving them lots of opportunities. It’s up to them to steer this journey into a career, and not just be part of Twilight and be gone. I look at them, and it’s got to be pretty scary to have that much on their shoulders pretty quick, but I think they’re really talented, really smart, and I think that they’re going to be fine.

What has this done for your career?

I’ve done a lot of movies and different roles, and this is another role that I love to play. I look forward to continue doing a lot more. It’s definitely broadened my fan base even with my own kids. For a long time, they didn’t get to see any of the work I’ve done because of the mature content.

Have any of your daughters seen Twilight?

All three of them have seen it! They’re ages twelve, six, and three. They love it. The 12-year-old has read the first two books, so she loves the movie. My 6-year-old loves it even more; she wants to watch it all the time! Now the 3-year-old, because the 6 year-old likes it, wants to watch it all the time, too. I asked her what she liked about it and she said, “I like the scary parts.”

Have they met the cast? Did they get excited?

My kids are pretty unaffected. They don’t get too star-struck. To them it’s just “Dad’s friends,” which is kind of nice.

How does New Moon differ from Twilight?

You know, Twilight was an independent movie. It was shot very documentary style, the way Catherine [Hardwicke, Twilight’s director] shoots. It has a rawness to it, which I think is nice. New Moon’s a little bit crisper, it has a little bit more of a studio feel, but it still has that edge.

What’s it like playing the same character for three different directors?

That gets interesting. It’s exciting in one way because every director brings their own flavor to the movie. Each director’s personality is different so you kind of have to adapt to their way of working, but I’ve had really good experiences on all three. Sometimes it’s nice working with the same person over and over because there’s a familiarity, but I’m used to working with different directors. On Nurse Jackie we get different directors on each episode. I like it because they bring different ideas and make you think of things you might not have thought of before—pushing you to look at it from different angles. I think it’s harder on the directors to come in and try to make these movies as grand as Twilight was and take on the responsibility of getting the story accurate in terms of telling it from the book. Then they have a whole cast that they haven’t dealt with before, so I think it would be more daunting for the director.

Want to read the whole article? Head here

An Edward Cullen Biography... this is great!

Wow, the staff at are amazing, they have put together this snazzy Edward bio, totally worth reading!!


"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen

Edward Cullen was born on June 20, 1901 as Edward Anthony Masen. Dying from the Spanish influenza and orphaned, Edward was changed into a vampire by his doctor, Dr. Carlisle Cullen. From that point on, Carlisle treated Edward as his son. Carlisle believed in the feeding of only animals, something he instilled in Edward as well. However, Edward soon rebelled and used his new gift of mind-reading to feed on the worst people in human society. Not long after, he comes back to Carlisle and his new wife Esme. Before long, Edward has four new siblings-- Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett. However, he never finds a life partner in any of them.

After many years of this life, Edward comes upon a new girl at his school in Forks, Washington-- her name is Isabella (Bella) Swan. At first, he is overwhelmed by her blood and considers killing her in the classroom. In order to keep himself from destroying the peace that Carlisle has created and maintained, Edward runs off to Alaska to some old acquaintances. However, he refuses to let Bella disrupt his life, so he returns to Forks. The next day, he begins to converse with Bella in their biology class. He later also saves her from being hit by a van. She witnesses this and becomes suspicious of his supernatural abilities. However, the two become friends.

Later on a visit to La Push, Bella learns from a friend Jacob Black that Edward and his family are vampires. Edward later admits this, and despite his constant longing for her blood, the two have a close intimate relationship.

Physical Appearance

Like most vampires, Edward is amazingly beautiful. His skin is marble-like, both cold and hard. His bronze-colored hair is always in a casual disarray. Bella describes his smile to be "her crooked smile." Edward is said to have a slender, but muscular build. His eyes are a golden/topaz/butterscotch/black depending on how thirsty he is."


Border's Launches it's Twilight merchandise line!

Oooooh, Border's has New Moon gear everyone, make sure you head over to to check it out! I particularly like this bag I included a picture of... see anything you like?

6 Minute New Moon Trailer...I love it.

This trailer's been around for awhile, but I had to post it, it just rocks.

Seventeen Magazine asks Fans & Stars : "Team Edward or Team Jacob?"

Haha, I saw 3 Disney Channel stars on here, this is kinda funny, but poor Jake doesnt have many votes :( Click to watch! Enjoy :)

OK! Magazine reports that Rob & Kristen have SPLIT!

x17 Online says "In the ongoing saga of the on-and-off-screen couple Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, new reports claim that Kristen has called it quits on one of Hollywood's hottest leading men.

Sources tell OK that Kristen "looked outraged" after a fight, when Rob stormed out of a taxi and inside their hotel, leaving her screaming after him.

So what could be causing all this friction? The mag claims that Rob wants to settle down, while Kristen's not ready to tie the knot. They also say she's wildly jealous of the throngs of Rob's adoring female fans! "She is very annoyed by women cooing over Rob and is threatened by fans who send him love notes," claims one of their sources.

They also say Kristen wants to return to LA when they're done shooting Eclipse, while Rob wants them to live in London! Ahh, the problems of the young, rich, beautiful and famous.

Although it's true that X17online's own spies in Vancouver haven't seen them together lately, do you really think Robsten are dunzo?

Or is this just another ploy to get New Moon more publicity than it already has gotten?"

Do you think its true? Have Rob & Kristen truley split up? Or does OK! have its facts wrong...again?

Band Lineup for Cast Tour!

(PR) The Wolf meets the vampire, just in time for Halloween. Sea Wolf took a minute from their national, headlining musical voyage to record a song for the anticipated Twilight: New Moon soundtrack, released ahead of schedule (October 16) due to overwhelming demand.

The original track, "The Violet Hour," shines plenty alongside a veritable who's who of contributors such as Thom Yorke, Death Cab For Cutie and Grizzly Bear, among others, and will appear in the film as well. Alex Brown Church's confident Cash-like swagger leads this amplified folk-rock ditty along a brisk percussive shuffle that rests on the shoulders of tuneful slide guitar.

On November 6, the Twilight frenzy will come to the Hollywood & Highland complex in Los Angeles for a special event featuring performances by Sea Wolf, as well as Death Cab For Cutie, Anya Marina, and Band of Skulls. A Q&A with select cast members will follow.

The band's current tour will close with a homecoming show in L.A. on October 31 at The Legendary Park Plaza Hotel for KCRW's Masquerade: A Halloween Costume Ball & Dance Party. On November 18, the station's "Morning Becomes Eclectic" will host the septet for a live session.

--Source: &

(Crystal---Bands from the soundtrack that will be performing in Hollywood November 6: Sea Wolf, Death Cab for Cutie, Anya Marina, and Band of Skulls )

Rob, Kristen, Taylor & Director Chris Weitz Are Going To Paris

New Moon stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner will be attending a press conference in Paris France, along with New Moon director Chris Weitz on November 10th.

Thus begins the New Moon promotions!

Source: &

Taylor Lautner to appear at the Scream Awards, tonight at 10 on Spike!

Thats right everyone, Taylor Lautner is scheduled to appear at the Scream Awards, tonight, starting at 10 pm on Spike, so make sure you don't miss it! It is also rumored that there is to be some New Moon footage released! So either record it, or watch live & Enjoy!

TORRID is hosting the Ultimate Fan Experience contest where you could win a trip to Forks, WA!

Torrid is holding the Ultimate Fan Experience contest where you could win a trip to Forks WA, where the Twilight Saga takes place!

You can enter once per day from October 23 to November 15, so make sure you enter!

So check it out and make sure to enter here: Ultimate Fan Experience!

Welcome to CullenLove Twilight News!

I've decided to make my own Twilight News blog, so here it is! I am hoping that I will keep things current enough for everyone! This won't be a big commericalized blog, but will have the necessary twilight news & gossip everyone looks for! So thank you for checking it out!