Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tay's interview on Jay Leno last night

Awww Tay did so so well last night on Jay Leno! I taped it on my dvr and watched it this morning! I had taped it with my camera but this quality is MUCH better!!

Okay here's part one: Tay on Jay Leno part I

Annnnd here's part two: Tay on Jay Leno part II

lol I love when they show when Taylor was just a kid, too cute! And I LOVE the clip they showed when he jumps through Bella's window! Really creepy about that older mom & the underwear.... I'm a Twilight Mom & I wouldn't go THAT far... Lol. In any rate, Taylor you did wonderfully, you're very good on tv... Unlike Kristen who sits there without finishing sentences & stuttering. LMAO.