Wednesday, November 4, 2009

J-14 catches with Michael Welch

Our beloved Mike Newton! J-14 caught up with him recently...

J-14: So Team Edward and Team Jacob are always duking it out — but no one’s ever Team Mike — why do you think that is? Mike is trying just as hard!

Michael Welch:
Oh he sure is, yeah. It’s really funny because there’s nothing wrong with Mike. He’s a perfectly adequate high school boyfriend but he just happens to be in this situation where he’s competing with these supernatural beings that happen to be two of the most beautiful creatures in the world. So it’s like, what’s he going to do?

So if Jacob wasn’t a werewolf and Edward wasn’t a vampire, do you think Mike would have a better chance?

Mike: Yeah, I do — although ultimately, I don’t think a Mike-Bella relationship would have worked out particularly well because it’s one of those situations where one person is clearly more infatuated with the other person and it doesn’t quite go the other way around. Those situations don’t typically tend to work out, especially in high school. So I actually think Mike and Bella’s relationship is perfect the way it is, but it’s probably difficult for Mike to see that while he’s going after her.

Article thanks to Team Twilight