Monday, November 30, 2009

My Absence & Apologies

Sorry everyone, I'm slacking. Its been a pretty busy week with Thanksgiving and dealing with a little sicky child :( My daughter has infections in both ears and bacterial bronchitis and has been very Mommy addicted, so I do apologize. But as a little recap of my week...

New Moon...AGAIN!
Yes, I totally saw New Moon again! My husband and I took my 3 younger siblings to see it Thanksgiving night. My brother Brandyn (who is 12) has read the entire series and actually is responsible for my Twilight OBCESSION! He told me I had to see the movie at least ONCE, and of course I did, and fell in love, haha. Anyways, Brandyn said it was the 2nd best movie he's ever seen (the new Transformers being his ultimate favorite) and he liked the CGI Wolves & the Volturi action scenes. My sister Kaitlyn (who is 10) and I sat next to eachother because we share a love of Edward / Rob Pattinson and she throughly enjoyed the movie. The boys thought we were crying when Edward leaves Bella (I was close, I had already cried the first time seeing it at that part) and kept gawking at us, quite annoying. Anyways, Kaitlyn said it was "The best movie" she's ever seen :) I thought she'd like it!!!! She's TwiCessed as well. Now, my brother Dilyn (who is 8) hated it. He said it was the worst movie ever. Why you ask? Because Dilyn hasnt read ANY of the books, so he didnt understand a DAMN thing that was happening. And he's just not in to Twilight, which is fine. My husband sat next to him and Andrew said he figeted the whole time. Whatever, his loss, lol.

People Feeding my Twi-Obsession
Last night I get a picture mail from my sister (we call eachother sisters, we are in no way related) Kait, and I thought...huh, thats peculiar, I never get picture mail from her! Wanna see what the picture mail was? I was grinning from ear to ear :)

See? Didnt I tell ya? BAHAHAHAHA. I love my Twilight Obcession, I must say! I love when people see stuff like this and say to themselves "Crystal would LOVE this!" It makes my day :D

Facebook; Where everyone knows of my obsession...
Oh yes, even on Facebook, everyone knows of my Twilight Addiction :D Care to see some screenies of what is said? It makes me laugh. (please note, last names are blanked out for privacy of myself and my friends :D )

Those are just a few! Many of my friends say I am obsessed with R Patz and such, I love it :D My husband...does not.

Toys R Us New Moon Stuff!!
Omg, this is funny. So yesterday my husband and I decided to take our daughter to Toys R Us to see what she might want for Christmas. I just happened to over hear some one say "Twilight" and my head whipped around, two girls were in front of the New Moon section talking about it. My husband says "Oh god." And like a little kid I went right over to look at everything... and I've added something to my Christmas list :) I think my books will fit in it...

Isn't this so adorable? I freaking love it. I have a blanket just like it :)

And so, that was basically my week :) Now on to report about Twilight NEWS! :D