Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Moon DVD Viewing Party!

Do you want to throw a New Moon DVD Viewing party with your friends? Well, here's a how-to! You're going to need invitations, the DVD (obviously!), snacks and decorations!


Here is a sample of how you could do an invitation :) I made this at ScrapBlog. I don't mind making one for you, so if you need a custom one, feel free to contact me at .

Invitations are important for a party! It will help you and your friends plan for the big day!


Snacks are important! Who doesn't love some munchies when watching a movie? There are so many options! You can get the basics like chips & such, or you can do theme foods!

Werewolf Kibble is awesome, it tastes so good! You can go over to for the recipe!

You can also make Vampire punch, which is exceedingly easy! If you're over 21, you can even spike it!

For the vampire punch we had at my New Moon birthday bash we used 2 liters of sprite, 2 liters of hawaiian punch and then a whole thing of sherbert...YUM! It was so so so so good!

If you're over 21, get some strawberry daquiri pre-mixed drinks at the liquor store, add crushed ice and VOILA!


Decorations are VERY important to set the mood of the party. Since this is both Edward & Jacob's movie, we need to balance out the decorations for them both. I suggest:

--Brown & Cream colored Candles for Jacob
--Black & White colored Candles for Edward
--Jars of russet colored sand & rocks
--Jars of plastic gems (red & clear)
--New Moon posters
--Roses as seen in the party scene

Here are some pictures of how we set up our party back in November.

This was how we set up Jake's table---hazelnut colored candles, quotes with Jacob in them or about him, we had dream catcher favors which I made and some food.

Here is Edward's table; very vampire-esque. We had glass jars with red and clear appliques, a wood burning like with Jake's table, red candles, vampire punch, some food.

For our party we had a few favors: Edward's Memory Box (small wooden box painted black then sprinkled with glitter. Edward says the human memory is no more than a sieve, so save your special memories in this little box!), Bella's De-stress Bath salts (Bella is stressed out like constantly, I know I would be too! These bath salts are immensely easy to make and pretty cheap: Dead Sea Salt $7.00 @ Michael's Craft Store, Epsom Salt $1.29 @ Walmart, Bath Salt Scent $3.95 @ Michael's, and Bath Salt Coloring $3.95 @ Michael's, Little bags $4.00 at walmart), Werewolf kisses ("chocolate" lip gloss from Bon-Bon cosmetics), Vampire Kisses ("cherry" lipgloss from Bon-Bon cosmetics), and Jacob's Dream Catcher (pretty easy to make, but lengthy to make. I suggest getting ALL of the materials at a craft store instead of trying to be authentic like me and attempt to use real branches---it ends in frusteration!)

As you can see in this picture it's Jake's table. We put some of Bella's Destress Bath Salts on here and some on Edward's table. You can also see the chocolate kisses in this picture.


At our party we did:

--T-shirt contest (a lot of people came to the party with New Moon themed shirts, I'll post a picture as an example)
--Quote Contest (I had 20 quotes from New Moon that people had to guess which character said them. My friend Josh comes to mind as I write this. He hasn't read the series and he's only seen Twilight once. I asked a question that had Sam Uley as the speaker and he belts out "SAM!!!" we still have no idea how he knew that, LOL!)
--I think we also did Trivia.

Here is my co-blogger Courtney (and she's my best friend as well!) and my Brother Brandyn. Courtney loves Jacob...can anyone tell??!

The DVD!
And last, but certainly not least...THE DVD! And of COURSE you will wanna get the ULTIMATE Fan edition, am I right? Well good! You can get it at WALMART ONLY! That's right! WALMART ONLY! Annnnd...get this! It will feature SEVEN WHOLE MINUTES OF ECLIPSE! Get it! get it! GET IT!!!! They are on pre-order until they come out, March 20th! :D

Well my friends, I hope I gave you a good overview of how a kick-butt New Moon DVD viewing party would go...if you have ANY questions, please contact me and I can help you out! ( Crystal )

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