Friday, February 5, 2010

Kristen talks about "Welcome to the Riley's"

MTV caught up with Kristen Stewart recently, talking about one of Kristen's newest movies, 'Welcome to the Riley's'. Here's the article:

Back when we spoke to Kristen Stewart at Sundance while she was promoting "Welcome to the Rileys", she told us on the red carpet that she has never "felt so personally involved in something" as she did with the film. In "Rileys," Kristen plays runaway stripper and prostitute, Mallory, who James Gandolfini's Doug Riley attempts to take in to lessen the pain of his own daughter's death.

Kristen never took the role lightly, even going to strip clubs to speak to the girls working in them and hear their stories. When MTV News caught up with Kristen to discuss the film more, we asked if there were any lingering effects of Mallory still with her.

"Oh my God, yeah. Yeah. It's just like any movie I've done, it changes me. Absolutely," Kristen said. "And not just movies, like any experience you have is going to change you. But like the biggest, monumental things in my life have always been films, so this one has been — out of any movie I've done — definitely the most transformative."

Kristen had a little trouble sharing what exactly what is was she took from the film, but then explained it was something she could feel inside of her at all times.

"I think I'm just a little bit more sensitive. I'm so, i'f you looked at a girl wrong now, I would fly across the room and kill you.' It's like I feel so, so, so protective of this certain thing that women have, and [laughs] yeah," she said. "So that I definitely take from it, which is different because I didn't have that before, and now I'm like weird about it. Like I overcompensate. Like you would be like, 'Calm down. Like, What happened to you?' No, I just did a movie. [laughs] I wasn't like raped, horrifically raped."

Oh're choice of words is just...classy. Lol. We all love you Kristen.

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