Friday, October 30, 2009

How to throw a New Moon party!

The highly anticipated release of New Moon (due in US theaters November 20th!) is bringing about New Moon movie premiere parties! One of which, is my own which we have also decided it will be both mine & my husband's birthday party! :) We are officially calling it "The Clark's New Moon premiere party & Birthday Bash". I have decided to write up this blog to give others ideas on how they can throw their very own New Moon Party!

The central idea of this upcoming film is Edward vs. Jacob and which won will win Bella's heart. So that being said, it is essentially Vampire vs. Werewolf. I will provide ideas for both factions.

Food Ideas: Vampire
--Red Velvet Cake (cupcakes, cake balls covered in chocolate, etc)
--Popcorn with "blood" (red food coloring & butter)
--Red Candies
--Apples (because of the Twilight cover)
--Red chocolate fondue & poundcake
--Vampire Cupcakes (red velvet cupcakes, white frosting, drips of red food coloring)

Food Ideas: Werewolf

--Meats (for sandwiches, or alone. Jake's a werewolf & they need their protein!)
--Brown & Tan candies
--Paw Print Chocolates (meltable chocolate wafers & paw print mold @ Iparty)
--Paw Print cupcakes (chocolate cupcake w/ white frosting and brown pawprint made out of a frosting)

ALSO---with both factions, you can have other foods like quesadillas, nachos with salsa & cheese & more. The list is endless! :)

Drink Ideas: Vampire
--Vampire Punch (a bottle of sprite, bottle of fruit punch & some sherbert)
--Vampire Lemonade (lemonade with red food coloring)

Drink Ideas: Werewolf
--Wolfade (gatorade or powerade of your flavor of choice)
--Hot Chocolate (Jake is so warm after becoming a werewolf, have a hot beverage on hand)

And as with the food--- you can do soda, juice, water, etc.

Decoration Ideas: Vampire
--Red Delicious Apples
--Vases with red & clear accents
--Burgundy & Black streamers
--Red Candles (lots!)
--White Candles (lots!)
--White Lights (like Christmas lights)
--Edward Quotes
--Edward Poster

(I made this Edward quote and a few more using ScrapBlog

Decoration Ideas: Werewolf
--Tattered jeans (whenever he transforms he rips his jeans)
--Tan Candles
--White Candles
--Brown streamers
--White Streamers
--Jacob Quotes
--Jacob Poster

Activity Ideas:
--New Moon quote Trivia
--Bon Fire
--T-shirt designing contest

Favor Ideas:
--Vampire Kisses (red lip gloss)
--Werewolf Kisses (tan lip gloss)
--Edward's Memory Box (I painted ours black & put glitter on them. In New Moon it says that the human memory is no more than a sieve", so to remember your most special memories in Edward's memory box)
--Bella's Destress Bath Salts (Bellas always stressed! These are so simple to make!)
--Jake's dream catchers (also easy to make!)

BONUS! Wanna have a t-shirt contest but need designs? You can use these...